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California Allergies: Your Guide to Seasonal Sniffles

Updated: Apr 29


If you find yourself sneezing, sniffling, and constantly reaching for tissues in California, you're not alone. Allergies are a major issue across the state, and knowing what triggers your symptoms is crucial for managing them.

This article, inspired by insights from Dr. Buddiga, a California allergist, breaks down the most common allergy offenders and helps you understand when your symptoms might be at their worst.

Unlike other parts of the country, California experiences two major allergy seasons – one in spring and another in fall. This means Californians need to be extra vigilant about potential allergens. The primary culprits in spring are trees, with the specific types depending on your region. In the summer, grass allergies take hold, followed by a wave of weed allergies in the fall. While winter may offer relief for some, those with sensitivities to mold or evergreens might still find themselves reaching for tissues.

Knowing where you live in California also matters. Those in the Los Angeles area often struggle with sagebrush, while up north, juniper and other trees can be a major problem.

What I personally find is that due to dramatic weather shifts on an almost weekly basis, I am stuck with allergies almost all the time. These constant changes seem to keep my immune system on high alert, making me extra sensitive to those typical allergy triggers.

While traditional allergy treatments have a proven track record, some individuals may find additional relief through alternative methods. I've personally had some success with a necklace designed to neutralize allergy-causing pollens and other agents. If you're curious to explore this option, you can find more information here: Nexgen Plabank Allergy Necklace.

Please note, it's always a good idea to discuss new treatments with your doctor.

Remember, you don't have to suffer through allergy season! By understanding the common allergens in your area and taking steps to manage your symptoms, you can enjoy the beauty of California all year round.

Source:  When to Expect the Worst Symptoms


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