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Airbag Vibration Eye Massager Heating Bluetooth Music

Airbag Vibration Eye Massager Heating Bluetooth Music

SKU: 1005002069209953

Smart Double Airbag/4D anti-true pressure


Kneading at an air pressure to massage the eye muscle.

The 3 airbag-in 4D stereo kneading technology is used to say goodbye to the traditional 

tapping massage method. The force area is large, the wrapping is strong, the massage range

is wide, and the real massage points are counterfeited, which is more comfortable and real.



  • Constant temperature hot compress, warm eyes
  • 42° constant temperature 
  • hot compress, Lightly apply eyes like a towel
  • release eye fatigue


Relieves your stress and loosen your full body with bluetooth music.

Enjoy your eye massager at any time in your home, office or when you traveling.



Input voltage          5V
Use power                5W
Battery capacity    1200MAH
Charging time         5 hours
Working time          15 minutes(automatic shut-down)
Vibration power     8000-10000



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