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Nexgen Health Group cares about you and your beloved family members' health. 


Trustworthy Medical Device Distributor
and Medical Equipment Supplier 

Nexgen Health Group provides you with a variety of different services to distribute your products in the U.S. market.

nexgen health

Our mission is to build a safer, healthier world for the next generation. 

Medical device
industry NEtwork


Hard to navigate the broad network of the medical industry? Nexgen Health Group will be the bridge.

Medical device distribution

We will accompany you in your US market penetration by providing our consulting services.

Medical device Initial importer

We can do your regulatory responsibilities while you focus in your sales. FDA quality management system CFR 820 implemented initial importer.

Nexgen Health Group assists foreign companies to distribute their medical devices in the full range of U.S. healthcare markets, such as hospital and health systems, physician practices, nursing facilities and other post-acute care, laboratory and diagnostics, and home care. 

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Operation Room

The US

Medical Device


We distribute quality-checked medical devices to the buyers in the US. by utilizing our global distribution network. We offer the best quality of medical devices that are FDA registered, listed, cleared, and approved. 

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